Finding the Plot: Preaching in a Narrative Style by Roger Standing

Spurgeon's College



"Preaching at its best is 'truth on fire'.  The real quality of this book is that it has been created from the author's own experience of the local pastorate and is concerned with practical insights and realities.  I warmly recommend it." - David Coffey

"For some, the phrase 'finding the plot' suggests a stroll through a graveyard, which is much like their view of preaching.  But Roger Standing uses the phrase to describe narrative preaching, an approach that helps preachers accomplish their essential task: to raise the dead." - Marshall Shelley

"This book, from a seasoned practitioner and able thinker, will provide the signposts required by many either for transforming their preaching style in mid-career, or for setting off on the right foot." - Nigel G. Wright

"Roger Standing breezily shares his enthusiasm for narrative preaching.  He combines theory about narrative and its cultural relevance with practical advice and preaching examples.  A helpful stimulus to any preacher to branch out into narrative preaching." - Michael Quicke

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