Spurgeon’s College NAM Reflection Day - 10th May 2018

Spurgeon's College



This NAM reflection day is entitled ‘Reflecting on the most difficult pastoral situations’ and will be led by Nigel Copsey.

The aim is to give attendees the opportunity to reflect on issues which ministers face in their churches. A particular focus will be upon the interface between people’s faith journey and their psychological needs and development.

Attendees will be invited to prepare a reflection in advance of the reflection day encouraging them to reflect on the most difficult struggles they have had in their early days in ministry.

There will be 3 main sessions:

  1. Focus on issues: What are the challenges out there today?
  2. Focus on the minister: What are the challenges for you?
  3. Focus on strategies for the future.

We consider this to be a very important element of our provision for NAMs. 

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