Building a Better Body (ebook)

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Why do people struggle with church? And how can we use those struggles to create churches that are worthy of Jesus? This is a book for those who have given up on church, those looking for reasons to stay, and those who love and lead churches. Can we build a better body? Simon Jones thinks so. How about you?

‘If in future years the local and national is to “stand firm in one spirit, contending as one for the gospel” then we must hear the challenges of this book’ Rico Tice

‘Thoughtful, honest (painfully!) and to the point, but carrying a message of hope.’ Ian Coffey

‘Simon Jones has caused me to ponder and pray. I finished the last page with renewed hope for a very different kind of church.' Eddie Gibbs

‘Challenging and liberating’ Rob Parsons

‘Refreshingly honest and wonderfully practical.’ Nick Pollard

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